Scuba Shop Staff

Our staff in comprised of the best instructors, assistants and dive masters that the industry has to offer. Many of our staff members have been with us for almost 10 years. Every member of our staff can answer any scuba related question that you may have.

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Alan MossOwner, Instructor

About 2024

Mike ShafferDive Master, Service Technician

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Jennifer MayfieldScuba Instructor

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Vincent MazzatentaService Technician

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Margaret MazzatentaAssistant Instructor

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Pete JaworkScuba Instructor

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Ron KolodziejScuba Instructor

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Andrew GehringerDive Master, In Memoriam

The Scuba Shop Pets

We are scuba divers and animal lovers. Sometimes people think that our little dive shop is also a “pet store” because of the animals we have with us. Our dive shop has three parrots, one snake, and four fish. The birds belong to a couple members of our staff while the snake and the fish live at our dive center.

Kiki: Caique Parrot

KikiCaique Parrot

Rocco: Caique Parrot

RoccoCaique Parrot

Tinkerbell: African Grey Parrot

TinkerbellAfrican Grey Parrot

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About 2024

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I’ve been diving and teaching at A-1 since 2007. We are like a second family, and some of my best friends have come from this group. Come for the diving, stay for the people.

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