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It only takes one great experience to fall in love with diving, but when you’re new to the sport, you might be hesitant to go out and immediately buy your own gear. At first, it might make sense to rent gear and get a feel for what you like, but when you know you’re committed to a lifetime of diving, one of the smartest investments you can make is buying your own gear instead of using scuba gear rental services

Above all, a comfortable dive is a good dive, and when your gear is your own, you have a lot less to worry about – and a lot less tugging and adjusting to do. When you’re ready to start buying your own kit, these are the items that should be first on your list – and why you’ll enjoy owning them.

We supply a large selection of high quality dive gear that will satisfy the recreational and technical diver.

Scuba Equipment Rental 2024

Rental Gear Prices

ItemDaily RentalWeekend RentalWeekly Rental
Dive Computer
Weight Belt (With Weight)$5.00$8.00$30.00
Pony Tank$8.00$15.00$50.00
Pony Tank (With Regulator)$25.00$35.00$50.00
30-80 CF Tank
100 CF Tank$14.00$18.00$50.00
120 CF Tank$16.00$23.00$80.00
Shorty Wetsuit$5.00$8.00$30.00
Full Wet Suit$25.00$45.00$100.00
Mask & Snorkel$15.00$25.00$50.00
Mask Only$7.50$15.00$35.00
Did You Know?

Scuba gear rental is an affordable option if you are not in the position to purchase your own. Luckily, we have a full line of high quality and affordable rental gear.

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How Should I Select What Gear To Use?


This close-fitting garment should be comfortable and just the right size, or you’ll be spending some unpleasant hours under water. Different suits have different buoyancy characteristics, which can lead to adjusting your ballast weight time and time again to compensate. Simply slipping into a suit all your own will help you get in the water faster and be better able to focus on the task at hand, rather than an ill-fitting garment.

Dive Computer

Decide where you prefer to have your info — strapped to your wrist or clipped to your BC.  Identify which features and capabilities are most important to you. Do you want air integration? While the newest screen displays have improved the readability of computers, for some divers, bigger is still better. Stop in and talk to the experts at A-1 Scuba Diving And Snorkeling Adventures.


If the idea of using a regulator that’s been in the mouths of countless other divers doesn’t exactly appeal to you, you’re not alone. Buying your own regulator gives you the peace of mind that comes with knowing who’s used it, as well as how it’s been cleaned and maintained. You also don’t have to worry about adjusting the settings every time you dive.


The most commonly used tank is the “Standard Aluminum 80” that actually holds just under 80 cubic feet of gas at 3000 psi. This is plenty of gas for the experienced air diver, and usually, the no-decompression limit is what makes most divers end their dive. It is very positively buoyant near the end of the dive, which means that you have to start your dive with enough weight.

Buoyancy Compensating Device

This critical piece of equipment holds and connects all your life-support gear and lets you establish the right amount of buoyancy you need, either under water or at the surface. Having your own BCD enables you to keep all of your accessories arranged just as you want them and gives you the added comfort that comes with being totally familiar with the equipment you’re using.

Mask & Snorkel

A mask is one of the most important, and personal, pieces of scuba diving equipment you own because it lets you explore with your eyes. You want a good quality mask that fits you well and gives you the best viewing area possible, because you don’t want to miss anything underwater. If you have trouble selecting a set, talk to the experts at A-1 Scuba Diving And Snorkeling Adventures.