5 Myths About Scuba Diving

You probably hear them all the time, fallacies and falsehoods about something or someone in particular that you just know aren’t true. What about the ones that have some truth to them? Or even those that actually make logical sense? How about the ones that take knocks on some of your favorite pass times like football, knitting and scuba diving? Well luckily for you we can debunk five of the most common myths regarding scuba diving.

1: Location, location, location

This myth was actually tied with another but we felt that it was important to address first! There is no rule in scuba diving that says to be a great diver or to even enjoy diving that you have to live in a tropical beach wonderland. Far from it actually! There are plenty of local PADI certified dive events and facilities that aren’t geographically close to the ocean.

2: Money, money, money

Like all sports and pastimes there is some money involved, but the second most common myth about scuba diving could cost you more than you think. Contrary to very popular belief you are not expected or even required to purchase every single piece of dive equipment for your certification class. In fact, many classes offered through A-1 Scuba Diving and Snorkeling Adventures offers gear rental services!

3: Boring, boring, boring

If you truly believe that being under the water exploring a world unlike any other is boring than I’m not sure what to say. However, I can say that this myth comes from the staggering belief that older generations prefer to dive more than younger ones. However it’s all over the place, people from all ages, races and genders dive! Plus, there’s more to scuba diving than just the standard package. Courses don’t just end with a certification, they broaden horizons and in the world of diving there are many horizons.

4: Honey, honey, honey

It’s actually relieving in a way knowing that this is one of the least popular myths about scuba diving. Scuba diving can be perceived as a very masculine pastime but PADI -the Professional Association of Diving Instructors, actually encourages women to dive! They even host a women’s dive event each summer to bring women that love the sport from all over the world together for a truly remarkable experience.

5: Shark! Shark! Shark!

It was actually amusing to know that this was still an honest to goodness fallacy about diving. It’s true, people tend to believe the myth that if you’re diving in the ocean you’re more likely to get eaten by Jaws himself. Just remember that to be a great diver you should be knowledgeable of the dives you’re participating in -including if the species of fish you’re creeping on are popular to shark infested waters. More importantly though you should be responsible, logical and act appropriately.