Top 17 Scuba Diving Tips for Beginners

For those of you who are wanting to ‘take the plunge’, here are some tips that will really help you when starting out scuba diving. These tips are primarily for beginners but should be followed by scuba divers of any skill level.

  1. Do not hold your breath! Just remember to keep breathing and relax.
  2. Diving is not a race. Take it slow and steady as this helps with your air consumption and you see more of the amazing scenery.
  3. Buy a quality snorkel and mask. You will enjoy being more comfortable when diving and a good mask will tend to not let water in.
  4. When you buy a new mask you need to clean it out with toothpaste to defog it before using it.
  5. Try to breathe slowly so you do not consume your air too quickly.
  6. Don’t give up. You will thank yourself later.
  7. Learning the basics of diving in a pool, then do your first ocean dives in warm, clear shallow water.
  8. Learn with a group. When everyone is at the same skill level of experience, the more fun it is.
  9. Stay hydrated. Drinks lots of water.
  10. Never dive alone. It’s less fun and more dangerous.
  11. Take sea sickness medication if you’re not sure how you will be when travelling by boat.
  12. Scuba diving can feel unnatural at first but stick with it as it gets better after each dive.
  13. Don’t drink too much alcohol the night before your dive trip.
  14. Join a local dive group. It’s much more fun diving with other people.
  15. Remember that you shouldn’t fly for 24 hours after you have been diving.
  16. Bring a book or your smartphone (with ear buds). It is quite relaxing laying out on the sun deck in between dives and reading or listening to your favorite tunes.
  17. Get a decent underwater camera. Don’t even bother with the disposable ones. While most underwater disposable cameras are inexpensive, the picture quality is low, the memory storage is small, and you cannot preview the pictures.

Keep these tips in mind when start out scuba diving. They will make the process easier and much more enjoyable. Keep a positive attitude and have fun!! You are about to embark upon one of the most spectacular adventures of your life!