Scuba Certification In Philadelphia, PA

Getting Scuba Certified In Philadelphia, PA

Have you always wanted to become a certified scuba diver and explore the underwater world? If so, then you need to reach out to A-1 Scuba Diving And Snorkeling Adventures. With over 30 years of experience, we have taught many people how to dive and provide them with all the necessary certifications. We have one of the largest showrooms in the Philadelphia area. Our dive center staff will help you with your scuba diving certifications and scuba gear selection. We are proud to be a 5 star rated dive shop providing certification, equipment sales, equipment services, and scuba trips.

There are many benefits of getting your scuba certification: it could be professional development, an accomplishment you’ve always wanted, or even a retirement goal. In addition, scuba diving is a great way to explore the underwater world and meet new people.

Scuba Certification Philadelphia, PA

A few of the courses we offer are beginner scuba diving, advanced scuba diving certifications, and nitrox certification. We also have scuba diving lessons and classes for children. In addition, we offer the complete scuba certification courses that are available in the area. We want to make sure that our customers can get certified without any problems or issues! That is why we provide a free consultation, so they know what course best meets their needs – from beginner certifications for those who like to snorkel on vacation all the way up to master diver certification levels. As Philadelphia natives, we have been training divers and providing equipment for customers throughout the area for more than 30 years.

Our scuba dive shop consists of a large showroom stocked with gear, two classrooms, and an air fill station. We also have scuba diving lessons and classes for children.

Which scuba diving certification is the best?

That’s hard to say because it depends on your needs. We offer so many courses that you can choose from whether you want to scuba dive in a pool or at the beach, and if you are looking for something other than standard scuba certification, we have an advanced course or specialty class just for you!

We always strive to meet expectations – no matter what level of certification is needed by Philadelphia residents.

How do I get certified to scuba dive around Philadelphia?

To start, you should reach out to A-1 Scuba Diving via phone or stop into our showroom. Your first visit to our store will involve completing some paperwork and getting sized for gear. Next, you will take a one-night-a-week course for five weeks that consists of classroom learning and pool instruction. Lastly, you will join us at Dutch Springs for your final scuba check-out dives, whereupon successful completion, you will be provided your certification.

How much does PADI certification cost?

Certification can range between $250 to $450 for a single course. In addition, we offer scuba certification that Philadelphia residents rave about on Yelp!

In addition to the basics of scuba diving, our courses are designed with different entry levels in mind – from the first-time diver just getting started up through an instructor training program. We also provide state-of-the-art equipment like dive computers and even gear rentals, so there is no reason not to see us today!

Can you get PADI scuba diving certified in one day?

The short answer is no – it is not possible (or advised) to complete your scuba diving certification in one day. The standard PADI Open Water class takes about five days to complete – usually at one night per week. After your classroom and pool instruction, you will complete your checkout dives and skills evaluations at Dutch Springs. You also have the option to complete your checkout dives by taking a trip to Florida.

Does PADI certification expire?

PADI certification is good for a lifetime, so long as you complete at least one dive every two years. If it has been more than two years since your last dive, you are encouraged to take a refresher course.

Is There An Online Component To Scuba Certification?

Yes, there is. While you need to complete the classroom and pool training before moving on to your checkout dives at Dutch Springs or in Florida (if applicable), an online component will give you a head start on general scuba knowledge before meeting with instructors for hands-on instruction.

How Long Does It Take To Become Certified?

There are three parts of the scuba certification process: classroom, pool, and open water dives. The length of time it takes to become certified varies from diver to diver – each individual’s experience has different factors that influence their final certification date. The average Open Water Certification Course spans about five days, but this can vary depending on any number of personal circumstances such as work schedules, family obligations, etc.

Can I scuba dive without certification?

No, but you can try out scuba diving before you commit to taking a class. We offer a Discover Scuba course which will let you try out diving in a pool and learning the basics. This will not provide you a certification – it’s just a trial run.

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